Logix Coin- An Integrated Platform For All Key Players

  • The Drivers who deliver the consignment and loads are also required to download the Logix Coin mobile application and create their profile by providing all the authentic and specified information.
  • After both carrier and driver register themselves in the Logix Coin platform, they have to match and connect through the existing Logix coin network.
  • The integrated platform of Logix Coin also allows the carriers to connect directly with the consignors. This takes place when the consignor floats an order on the system. Each order bears a unique ID to protect the data and prevent any possible fraud.
  • To promote transparency and healthy competition, the consignor places bids, and the registered carriers have to bid against it. The winning bid bags the order.
  • The Logix Coin platform also allows the carrier and the consignor to negotiate their terms and further instruct the loads to the drivers.
  • The exchange is formalized through a system-generated contract address containing all the details of the order and the rules applicable to it on the platform of Logix Coin, thus providing a one-roof platform to all parties.
  • The consignor then proceeds to make the payment on the specified contract address, and the amount acts as escrow for the transaction. For promoting trans-state and trans-national trade, the users can make their payments in the form of Logix Coin tokens.
  • The carrier on their end awards the order to the suitable driver. The driver also gets to review the details of the shipment on the app. Contrary to the obsolete practice where one had to visit in person and negotiate terms, the entire process of placing the order and negotiating the terms can be done on the digital platform of Logix Coin.
  • After settling of terms from both parties, the driver picks up the load from the designated location, delivers it to the desired place, and fulfills his commitment.
  • Upon the successful delivery of the order, the carrier issues a transaction to the blockchain, which completes the smart contract that initiates the payment and transfers the tokens to the beneficiary’s wallet.



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Logix Coin

Logix Coin

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